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About Me

I named this page About Me , instead of "Us" because this business is about me and my journey and full filling something I have always wanted to do. I have always loved animals, and cats in particular, because they became such a huge part of my adult life and my best furry friends. I had moved to New Jersey from Western Pennsylvania for my first job out of college. Had a great career as a Financial Planner for Macy's East. Got married at 25. No kids, but had cat's , and my cats became my kids. His dreams became mine, and from their lost my who I was as person. I took my power back by creating this store and my own business where I would be satisfied and fulfilled by doing what I love. Taking care of animals, especially cats. Don't get me wrong I love dogs just as much, but cat's get a bad wrap, and I wanted to do this to bring awareness to cat's, their personalities, and educate people on how to care for their cat and promote TNR (trap nueter release) programs in my area. If a am a crazy cat lady, so be it.  This is my mission to take it all the way and create something that will provide me a way of life which will  give me the satisfaction that I am doing good and love to wake up and do something I love. "If you do something you love you'll never have to work a day in your life." Confucius
1.) Educate consumers regarding cats, their needs, TNR, and health.
2.) Through the selling of cat products for cats and their owners create an income that will help me continue my outreach in taking care of cats in my area through TNR, feeding, medical care, and adoption.
3) Create enough income and influence through this site that the profits from this well allow me to set up a medical fund to help other people that don't have the funds to help pay for their animals medical needs. No animal should have to be turned away for medical care based on the owner's financial means. Their heart is just a big as the more fortunate.